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Emergency Oxygen Provider

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Emergency Oxygen Provider

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Be the one ready to help a fellow diver should the need arise by becoming a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider.

What You Learn

You learn how to:

  • Recognize diving illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen
  • Properly setup equipment 
  • Administer emergency oxygen


Though suited for divers, this course has no prerequisites and doesn’t include dives, which means it is equally applicable to those who are around divers – boat crew, non-diving buddies, lifeguards, and shore staff. You don’t need any previous CPR or first aid training to take the course.

The Scuba Gear You Use

Scuba gear is not necessary to take this course.

The Learning Materials

You Need The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Manual is an important component of PADI’s Emergency Oxygen training program. Before class, you’ll review a step-by-step explanation of when and how to provide emergency oxygen. You’ll also learn about safety considerations, and how to assemble and disassemble emergency oxygen equipment. The care-at-a-glance card is a quick reference guide to pack in your gear bag and review in case of an emergency. 

Your Next Adventure

The Emergency First Response certification, which covers CPR and first aid, pairs perfectly with the Emergency Oxygen Provider course. You’ll also want to be sure to complete your Rescue Diver and Master Scuba Diver rating to be the best-prepared dive buddy around.

For more information about this or other PADI courses have a chat with one of the DIVE SOURCE Team members.

What certification level do I need to take this course?: You don’t need any certification. This course is open to anyone at any certification level as well as non-divers.

Is there an open water/ pool session?: No, this course is done in the classroom only.

What do I do with the Emergency Oxygen Provider Manual?: Students in this classroom-based course read the entire manual and complete all the knowledge reviews prior to the class.

What do I do with the training slate? : The slate is a useful tool that is used when doing the class as well as in real emergency situations as it acts as a checklist for you the Oxygen Provider.

What do I need for gear?: Students should bring the PADI Oxygen provider course Manual with Slate to the class with them along with a notepad and pen. Nothing else is needed

What is the course flow?:  Class runs for approx. 4 hours and is classroom-based utilizing hands-on,   training using both Divers Alert Network DAN O2 Kits and other types of oxygen delivery equipment

Does the course have maximum students allowed?: Typically we have a max of 12 students per course, but often the classes are much smaller.

Can I use Dive Zone discount coupons on this course?: Dive Zone members may use their discounts as specified on their membership cards.

What happens if I fail to show up or have to reschedule?: If a student cancels with less than 7 days notice, shows up unprepared, is absent or significantly late, they may retake the class the next time it is offered with a rescheduling fee of $40 (no refunds)

What if I am unable to pass the program? This is very unlikely as it is a very easy class to be successful in. However, if needed students may attend the next scheduled class with a $40 rescheduling/makeup fee.

16 Apr 2023 | 8 | 8
Classroom Session
Wed 11 Jan 2023
04 hours 00 minutes
Dive Source Classroom
28 Sep 2023 | 8 | 8
Classroom Session
Thu 28 Sep 2023
03 hours 00 minutes
Dive Source Classroom

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