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Equipment Specialty Course


Equipment Specialty Course

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Don’t miss a dive due to a scuba gear issue. Whether it's a blown o-ring, BCD issue, regulator problem, wetsuit tear or a broken fin strap...You can learn how to manage your gear better and with much more confidence!

As a PADI Equipment Specialist, you will be more knowledgeable on scuba equipment maintenance, care and how to deal with day to day issues that come with an equipment based sport like scuba diving. In addition, you'll learn interesting background information about how your gear works as well as what you can repair yourself... what you cannot and how to make  your equipment investment last for years to come.

What You Learn

  • Review the theory, principles and operation of scuba diving equipment
  • Learn about routine, recommended care and maintenance procedures, and equipment storage
  • How to overcome common problems with equipment and recommended professional maintenance procedures (may include a demonstration of repair procedures)
  • Gain simple suggestions for more comfortable equipment configurations and what tools and spare parts all divers should keep on them as part of their "Save a Dive Kit" 


  • This program is open to all certified divers regardless of experiance. Even non divers can take the course, but no certification will be issued to them.

Scuba Gear You Use

  • This is a classroom-based course only so there is no in water training and sample equipment for the class is provided.
  • Students are encouraged to bring in their own BCD's and Regs with them if they own them, so the instructor can answer any questions they may have specific to their kit. However, it is not necessary as the course touches on most gear types and coomon issues in all scuba gear makes.

Learning Materials You Need

Your Next Adventure

The PADI Equipment Specialist Course is an excellent course for all divers and especially for those people who like to be more independent, self reliant and in control. Other courses that would go along with that theme are Leadership courses like DIve Master and Instructor as well as the PADI Self Reliant diver specialty.

For more information about this or other PADI courses have a chat with one of the DIVE SOURCE Team members.

Who can take this course? : Anyone interested in learning more about scuba gear. While a valuable course for certified divers it is also a good one for people learning to dive or anyone considering buying scuba gear now or in the future.

Do I need to bring scuba gear?: Students are encouraged to bring their own gear (BC, regs, computer..not tanks) with them so the program can be tailored to their equipment needs and they can ask more specific questions. If you don't own gear, there will be many examples, makes and models at the course for you to see, touch and work with.

Can I service my own regulators after taking this course?: NO. Regulators are life support gear so they can only be overhauled and meet warranty service requirements of Yearly service by having them worked on by a factory trained technician at an authorized service center (like Dive Source)  

What you will learn however is how to identify many problems you can fix yourself and how to do proper maintenance on them as well as on-site repairs to help you avoid losing dives to gear issues.

Can I VIP my own tanks? NO. Tank VIP and other tank service items like Oxygen cleaning are their own courses and typically only taken by dive professionals working in the industry. If these are skills you are looking for please contact our training director.

Can I service other types of gear? Many other pieces of equipment can be serviced and repaired by divers themselves. These include many BCD types, camera, flashlights, snorkel gear, wetsuits and drysuits, lift bags, reels, knives and more

Do I need to purchase any books/ manuals? This course requires you to complete the PADI Equipment specialist eLearning first before doing this hands on certification program - You can purchase that anytime HERE ON OUR WEBSITE

Is there a maximum amount of students allowed?: No.. but on average it's under 8

Is there a pool or open water session?: No. This is a classroom and workbench only class.


Sorry, we don't have any dates available at the moment for this course. Contact us and we'll try to accommodate you.

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