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  • Welland Scuba Park - Shore Dive

Welland Scuba Park - Shore Dive

Drive & Dive Fun Dives - Two tank shore dive that is suitable for all dive levels.

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Welland Scuba Park offers some fabulous shore dives for the beginner diver and diver who wants to work on skills in a shallow, and controlled environment.

The Old Welland Canal has been a free alternative for divers wishing to get a quick, easy, shallow dive in with nothing really to see….Until now. The great thing about the Old Canal now is the addition of a training platform, as well as lines run throughout the platform area over to the cars, 

On May 23rd, 2009 the city of Welland in co-operation with our local diving community sank a small steel boat in the canal as well.

Our favourite spot in the Canal has been the Welland Swing Bridge. Plenty of dock pillars and fish, as well as generally better visibility.

A great night diving spot too.

Visibility is usually 25-35′, water temperature is the same top to bottom most of the year, there is plenty of fish life and there will be much more happening at the canal over the next little while, so keep checking our site for more details.

The Old Canal has 3 main spots divers dive:

1 - The Main Scuba Park area:  Here you have the platform, the boat and a giant “U-Boat” (a propane cylinder with a propeller and a conning tower added to it)

2 - Swing Bridge:  Just off Fourth St. (off King St.) you can access the Welland Swing Bridge.  This spot is one of the nicer spots for things to see featuring a number of dock pilings to practice swimming through, three sections of docks, shopping carts, bikes, and whatever else people throw off a bridge is usually here.

Visibility is usually the best here as there aren’t platforms or a boat for divers to kneel on, requiring better buoyancy control.

3 - Lincoln St. Bridge:   There is a line from the platform at the Scuba Park that takes you up to the Lincoln St. Bridge.  Here you have a very cool bridge with big pilings to swim through and the normal junk that people tend to toss into the water.

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