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Sign up for a PADI Open Water Course today & Learn to Dive in just 2 weekends!

  • Tec 40 Ccr

Tec 40 Ccr

The future of deep technical diving is with rebreathers! You can benefit from longer bottom times, reduced decompression times, warmer humidified breathing gas, and truly silent, bubble free diving. Whether you want to extend bottom times, stay warmer, or get closer to marine life, rebreather diving truly connects you to the underwater world!

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Dive Source is your GTA-southern Ontario location for everything AP Diving-Inspiration rebreathers!

Ambient Pressure Diving is recognized worldwide as one of the first commercially available recreational rebreathers. With an unprecedented build quality and reliability, their CCR units have been the choice for many rebreather divers around the globe for decades.

This course is designed as the starting point for the diver interested in technical diving and who wants to dive rebreathers. The PADI Tec40-CCR program teaches you the basic CCR function as well as equipment setup and pre dive checklists. This first level of training introduces the diver to type T CCRs, as well as problem management and the ins and outs of the AP Diving Inspiration rebreather.

For the ambitious technical diver, using a CCR reduces gas and fill costs so you can put that money towards the next adventure!

In this course you will learn to:

  • Assemble and disassemble your CCR unit
  • Perform pre dive safety checks and field maintenance
  • Calibrate and setup electronic components
  • Calculate proper decompression and bailout gas requirements and logistics
  • Plan and execute limited decompression dives to 130ft/40m
  • Perform post dive maintenance and cleaning


Number of dives in this course:

  • Minimum 8

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