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TDI Advanced Nitrox & DecompressionAtomic B2

IANTD Recreational Trimix Course

Price: $899.99

Decompression diving is technical diving, which means you cannot come straight to the surface due to the fact you have exceeded your no decompression limits and now have planned decompression which must be done before you surface.
Doing this type of diving requires specific training and equipment to do so safely and this course can allow you to do so on breathing mixtures of air, nitrox as well as helium (Which reduces narcosis) to a maximum depth of 160 ft.
Topics covered include, decompression dive planning, redundancy, emergency management, equipment setup, and lost gas contingencies.
Recreational Trimix is a technical diving course using double cylinders, redundant regulators, backplates and harnesses, and decompression cylinders. IANTD has organized their trimix programs as stepping stones with this one being the first in that series with technical trimix being the next course after this one.

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